MPS Performing Arts – Mr. Martone

CONTACT INFO: Mr. Arthur Martone

EMAIL: amartone @ mpslakers . com

PHONE: Office 814 824 2063

CELL: Personal 814 864 8528

Congratulations to the 2020-2021 MPS Show Choir!

Thank you too to everyone who auditioned.  We certainly have a school full of so very many talented students!

Girls: Marni Bongiovanni (12), Amanda Brown (11), Gianna Dobrich (12), Maria Finazzo (11), Ava Gardner (10), Shelby Porter (12), Ellie Welsh (11)

Boys: Michael Gallagher (12), Max Lang (12), Robbie Malliard (11), A.J. Reitz (11), Stephen Rupp (12), Dylan Vergotz (12), Alex Wojcik (11)

Fall Musical Announcement

Since everything is still in such a fluid state, we will holding off with making any decisions about the Fall until we have a better idea of what will or won’t be allowed in the future, so at this time everyone that auditioned will still be under consideration when the time comes to make a decision about the show.

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